Center for Teaching and Learning

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center will support full-time and adjunct faculty, and teaching assistants with resources designed to enhance teaching excellence and/or learning skills, while also providing a source of motivation, inspiration, and guided self-reflective growth for the participating liberal arts faculty and the students whose lives they impact. 


The Objectives are as follows:

  1. Disseminate knowledge and understanding of the newest research on student learning.
  2. Network and support instructors desirous of sharing around teaching and faculty learning communities.
  3. Identify and engage successful faculty and others supporting student learning who are willing to share their talents with others



Programs & Strategies


  • Faculty Development Workshop series, Second Thursday of Every Month (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm).
  • Disseminate a variety of pedagogical resource from various peer-review articles and publications that provide information on new teaching methods and student learning.
  • Invite experts outside of Fisk and faculty experts within the institution to lead seminars, workshops and Faculty Development workshop discussions. Expect at least one expert from outside Fisk and three Fisk faculty members to lead sessions.
  • Organize and coordinate Professional Development Funds and Opportunities:

Director, Center of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Sajid Hussain,


Associate Director, Center of Teaching & Learning

Dr. Holly Hamby,