Class Descriptions

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Pre-School Classes
Pre-School classes are done in sessions (Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring) – each session is inclusive.

Pre-School (Ages 3 / 4 / 5)

This is a 45-minute class that incorporates the fundamentals of movement for the pre-school level.
We give individualized attention to our youngest dancers.
They learn ballet terminology & steps.
We work on basic motor skills:  running, skipping, hopping, leaping & jumping.
This class develops not only movement, but individuality & peer group skills.

* Only dancers that are 4yrs old at the start of that session may take Pre-Tap*
This is a 15-minute addition to the Pre-Ballet class.
We learn single & double sounds with an emphasis on musicality.
Tap allows the dancer to use sound in addition to their dance moves.

Combo Levels
Dancers must combine at least 2 dance styles, but can take as many as 5 dance styles.
Our young dancers learn basic fundamentals of their chosen dance styles & provides a foundation for learning for the next level.
Each dance style is a 30-minute class.Ages: 5/6 & 6/7

Combo Tap
Fun with rhythms & sounds.
A continuation of single & double sounds utilizing style & rhythms.

Combo Ballet
An introduction to ballet fundamentals allowing dancers to instill grace & poise.

Combo HipHop
An introduction to street moves utilizing pop music.
We pre-screen all of our music.

Combo Theater Dance
A fun addition to our combo level – using basic jazz moves to upbeat tempos.
An opportunity to explore musical theater (Broadway shows) for the young dancer.


The foundation for all dance, contributes directly to the development of grace, poise, balance, flexibility, and discipline. We study the Balanchine theory of ballet which uses the fundamentals of the Russian theory. George Balanchine of the New York City Ballet had a special way of approaching his technique classes which gives the average dancer the abilities to look & perform with the grace of a professional.

Fundamental Ballet
Ballet Structure is a class for dancers who wish to study the basic fundamentals of ballet with out high impact. This class focuses on basic ballet steps at the barre & simple movement center foor. It is excellent for the beginner ballet student who wishes to learn terminology & the basic fundamentals before entering a Classical Ballet class.
Pointe is ballet taken to the highest level. In order to participate in a pointe class, a student must be evaluated by the Director. All pointe students must take Classical Ballet in order to participate in Pointe class.

Tap is an American dance form that enables each dancer to become a musician with their feet! Rhythm and timing skills are essential to building a solid dance education. Classes offer an upbeat and fun approach to rhythm and tap dance (Broadway style, Rhythm tap and “Hoofin’).

Jazz is a freestyle dance form that combines isolations, strengthening exercises, coordination and style. This jazz dance class offers a variety of styles vary from classical jazz, lyrical as well as musical theatre and original Broadway choreography.
An art form that encompasses both ballet & jazz. It is an interpretive form of dance that uses techniques as its’ foundation. Not to be confused with modern dance. This dance style involves more technical training and must be taken along with a Classical Ballet class.
Theater Dance
Broadway dances are studied and learned for all those dancers who are “Broadway Bound” or for those that just love musical theater. We study not only the dancing from Broadway shows, but what each show is all about & try to learn every aspect a show from the performers’ standpoint.  Students looking to further develop their theatre skills, express themselves creatively and build self confidence are what this class is all about.
HipHop/Street Jazz
A high-energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. This class will encompass movement that has elements of poppin’, locking, breaking, jazz, hip hop and funk, as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.

This is a modern based dance style that incorporates Modern technique,
yet allows the dancer to express themselves though movement in a more free-flowing style.