Graduate Program in Chemistry

Graduate Program in Chemistry

The master's program in chemistry at Fisk University is focused on preparing students in the application of fundamental knowledge in the chemical sciences to solve interdisciplinary problems of societal concern.
This includes a particular focus on providing a strong foundation for doctorate work at research-intensive institutions.

- Demonstrate mastery of major concepts in several chemistry sub-disciplines, such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, computational chemistry, and polymer chemistry. 
- Search the literature independently to become aware of advances in subject matter 
- Develop independent research questions that leverage the application of fundamental chemical concepts to interdisciplinary problems 
- Possess skills to test, interpret, and critically analyze data presented in the literature and obtained in the laboratory (broadly defined) 
- Communicate science effectively in both oral and written form, including presentations at lab meetings and local and national conferences; prepare manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals; and successfully defend the master's thesis for the Master of Science degree. 

Students and Professor in classroom

Academic Discipline

Our academic disciplines allow you to specialize your focus to one area of interest. They are a part of your transition into higher education which involves being aware that each discipline is a distinct discourse community with specific vocabularies, styles, and modes of communication.